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Dulimed Cream



Dulimed Cream is made up of ingredients that help in treating fungal infection of the skin, helps in curbing the growth of fungus that can cause jock itch or infection between the toes

Uses of Itch Guard Plus Cream, 10 gm
Fungal infections

Key Benefits
-Can be used in the groin and under arm areas
-Menthol in the cream imparts a cooling and soothing effect on the applied area
-Provides relief from fungal infections of the skin such as jock itch, infection between toes and fingers

Lulizol 1 % Description

Lulizol cream is a topical anti-fungal medicine meant for treating fungal skin infections like Athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, etc. It contains luliconazole as an active component. Lulizol cream should only be used externally and must not be used for any other skin conditions without consulting your doctor. Use this medicine exactly as instructed by the doctor. You may experience some application site reactions as side effects but they normally fade away with time. Please report to your doctor if you notice the side effects persist or worsen. Before starting the treatment with Lulizol cream you should tell the doctor about detailed health conditions especially skin related problems if any. If you don’t see any improvement even after two weeks of treatment, let your doctor know immediately.

Side Effects : Skin irritation, itching, burning sensation

:- topical; 1% applied over once or twice daily


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